Order of Diana of Tau Kappa Epsilon 1967 - 1975


Shelly Rankin and Judye May at an Order of Diana ceremony in 1967

Sue Grien (left) and Shelly Rankin (right) at the same Order of Diana ceremony

Judye May

Linda Seltz and the TKE bell

Andrea Carnick - far left, Judy Bell - next to Andrea & Vickie Milner - top

This was taken from part of a ΦΣΣ picture

Donna Barnett

Marilyn Faber

Diane Sherkin

Randee Colter

Laine Friedman

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Randee's graduation picture

Laine and Randee at Homecoming 1971

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Laine's graduation picture

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Helene Marsh

Debbie Cohen

Sally Wengert, Greg Kramer and the bell

Jessica Rittler

Vickie Gordon

Pam Reidy

Kay Drebus

Phyliss Kent

Marian Wolfington

Janice Borowski

Hedy Broatman


Pat Redelsheimer

Shelly Salter

Chris Karas

Lisa Cosgrove


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