The State of the TKE Nation

This is from the TEKE magazine

There is an ever increasing reason to be proud of being a Teke. The TKE Nation has begun a trend toward domination on college campuses. Celebrating fifty years of being the World's Largest Fraternity in the last edition of the magazine, TKE has continued to hold this crown and took a major step toward ensuring its reign continues by having one of the most successful biennium's in the last ten years.

Raising the number of new members, total members, average chapter size, training more volunteers and collegiate members, recording more service hours and dollars raised for those projects, has all contributed to making Tau Kappa Epsilon one of the healthiest fraternities in the entire Greek community.

The last two years have yielded record results in a number of areas for the TKE Nation. None of this would be possible without each one of you helping to build upon every experience making the most of opportunities. Those have translated into more men growing, learning, and building a better world.

The Health of TKE
The Fraternity is like a muscle. If you work out that muscle, it will strengthen, grow, and build other muscles around it. In the last few years, TKE has worked very hard to concentrate its efforts on the basis of the organization: it's members. This year the organization had 3,535 initiates the most since 1993. For the biennium, our initiate growth rate was a very robust 17.5%, the highest since the 1965-67 term and the second highest for any two year period in the past forty years.

We ended the year with 272 active groups (241 chapters and 31 colonies), growing the size of the Grand Chapter, in addition to growing the active membership to 10,127 men. The average chapter size grew to 39.1 with the average chapter growing in each of TKE's four regions. Likewise, each region grew in the number of men initiated per chapter, with our western groups leading the pack.

Building a Better World
One of the unwavering calls TKE's Founders made when forming originally was to serve the community and campus. Since that time, members have continued to lead the Greek community in service hours and dollars raised for a number of great causes. This biennium has been no different seeing significant numbers once again.

More then 250 chapters recorded at least one community service event and 196 chapters raised at least $25 per man, totaling approximately $786,000. Fraters are heeding the call to serve on an everyday basis. We are teaching about the importance of service and the impact you can have if you use your abilities in the right way for the right reasons.

Securing Our Base
In 2008-09, TKE successfully trained 40 province-level advisors at the William V. Muse Alumni Volunteer Academy in August 2008, as well as conducted 24 key leader training workshops spread throughout TKE's four regions. With more trained volunteers, our chapters will receive more quality support, helping them grow and improve in their operations. Stronger chapters mean a stronger Fraternity and a stronger TKE experience for every man who assumes our Bond.

We have reason to be proud of being Tekes and to celebrate the successes of this last biennium. We have broken records, built a base to construct a better world, strengthened our core, served the community, and lowered risk. Clap your hands and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. This is not the time, however, to put your feet up and hands behind your head.

Ever heard of these names: Starbucks, Los Angeles Lakers, Coca-Cola, New York Yankees, Mercedes Benz, Pittsburgh Steelers, Nike, Manchester United, Adidas? Can you think of something that all of these names have in common? All of these companies or sports teams have reached dynasty status, meaning they have either won or had so many successful years they are now synonymous with excellence. When one thinks of these brands or names, they think of "Number One" and this is the exact path that TKE is on. It is up to each and every one of us if the TKE Nation continues on the course toward greatness or if it veers back to mediocrity. Collectively working as one, we can make this next biennium another record breaker. Let's show the world what TKE is made of and, perhaps more importantly, let's show ourselves we can do it.

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