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Tau Kappa Epsilon Purchases New Headquarters

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon is proud to announce the purchase of a new headquarters for the organization. Located approximately three miles away from the current facility, the new building is three-stories, 26,500-square feet, was constructed in the early 1990s and renovated in 2004.

Upon making the announcement, TKE Chief Executive Officer Kevin Mayeux stated “This is an exciting new era for Tau Kappa Epsilon. The new headquarters will meet our needs for years to come, with improved office space, several conference and training rooms, space to form a working TKE heritage center to display our historical documents and archives, and put a positive public face on TKE today.  Our new headquarters will be a welcoming, professional and functional space for everyone in the TKE Nation to visit and call home.” The new facility is three times the square footage of 8645 Founders Road, and a new Candlewood Suites extended stay facility is immediately adjacent to the building, making it convenient for our members and staff visiting the headquarters and needing overnight accommodations. The facility will undergo a few changes to accommodate the TKE staff structure, and a physical move from TKE's current headquarters to the new location is expected this spring. The facility is designed in a way for multiple tenants to occupy the space, and TKE is exploring options related to housing one or more additional organizations in the space the Fraternity and Foundation do not plan to occupy in the near future.

Grand Prytanis Herb Songer also added, “This new headquarters will add to the prestige of the organization, furthering our ability to attract the best and brightest to work for the Fraternity. Having an up-to-date and functional facility will also help us grow the way we have needed to for many years. This is an exciting time to be a part of Tau Kappa Epsilon.” Nearly 38 years ago, the TKE Headquarters at 8645 Founders Road opened its doors for operation. Under the leadership of then TKE Executive Director Bruce Melchert, the building was dedicated in 1971 with a special time capsule containing memorabilia sealed behind the cornerstone of the building. The time capsule will be exhumed when TKE exits this spring and dedicates the new headquarters.

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