"Not for wealth, rank or honor, but for personal worth and character"

TKE is one of the few fraternities that never had a discrimination clause in its membership requirements to prevent membership of men because of their race, color, or creed.

Tau Kappa Epsilon Purchases New Headquarters

The Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity was established at the University of Miami in 1949. It was re-established in 1966 by a local fraternity by the name of ΣΙ and was known as the ΓΔ chapter. Sadly, as of 2000, the chapter is no longer active at Miami.

Our chapter was always drawn from a broad cross-section of the nation and always had an active Little Sister group. The Little Sisters were properly called the Order of Diana and had their own initiation ceremony into our family.

We came from all over the country which has meant that we have returned to all over the country and have lost touch through the years. In this era of the Internet, some of us have come together to create this site in the hope of reaching old friends.

Anyone with old or new photographs who wishes to share them can do so by sending them

Teke National's RSS feed.

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity News

"So, What do you do?" - Alexandru Aldea

Alex stars as Martin Luther in the six-part CNN Original Series, POPE: The Most Powerful Man In History. The series debuted on CNN on March 11th.

Active Minds, TKE partner in President’s Courtyard to raise awareness

TKE and Active Minds collaborated for Active Mind’s goal of spreading awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

Fraternity chapter creates program to address addiction, mental health issues

The program was created by Jordan Abhold. He worked with the Officers to incorporate SupportMe and helped train them on how to handle situations.

Frater Inducted into University of South Florida Fraternity and Sorority Life Hall of Fame

Frater Stephen Lytle, of the Lambda-Alpha chapter inducted into the University of South Florida's Fraternity and Sorority Life Hall of Fame.

"So, what do you do?" - Brenner Billy

Brenner Billy, CAAE Assistant Coordinator, is a cultural trainer with the Choctaw Nation Learning and Development Department.

Tau Kappa Epsilon Announces Jill Konija's Retirement

After 32 years, it is with a debt of gratitude that Tau Kappa Epsilon announces the retirement of one of our most well-known employees, Jill Konija.

TKE Library: March 2018 Book Recommendation

It is a story about a man facing both external and internal odds. Through perseverance and determination he discovers much about himself.

Reputation Management in the Social Age

Promote the good and underrepresented things you and your fellow Tekes are doing, and live your day-to-day life by the creed of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

UNH Tales - Spotlight on: Alpha-Nu Chapter Tau Kappa Epsilon

Tekes from Alpha-Nu Chapter at UNH share how the fraternity and overall Greek life on campus has impacted them.

TKE fraternity smashes car for good cause

The Oakland University chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon held a car smashing event in lot P-16 on Friday, Feb. 2 at Winterfest.

Failure Is Your Friend & You're Going To Fail A Lot

This article is a guest post by Frater Kenny Soto on the lessons to be learned from failure.

Chapter Websites: What do you publish to them?

Content is easy. If you are following the creeds of TKE, you will have no shortage things to talk about. Now tell your story.

TKE Library: Feburary 2018 Book Recommendation

Embracing this simple idea, based in over 50 years of research, can help bring more positivity to your life and your relationships with others.

Deadline Reminders

There are several important dates coming soon - Subscribe to the year at a glance calendar so that you never miss another deadline!

Frater Wins Order of Omega Professional of the Year Award

Frater William Takewell recognized with the Order of Omega Fraternity and Sorority Professional of the Year Award!

"So, What do you do?" - Frater Benny Bliss

Benny Bliss has previously worked in the education industry but is currently the inventor of Magnetic Bliss.

Frater E.J. Snyder raises funds for Reality Rally

Frater E.J. Snyder is once again fundraising with other reality TV stars as he takes part in the Reality Rally this May!

What's Holding You Back?

Part 6 of our 8 part series on Leadership. What's Holding You Back? Every leader knows that there's always more to learn.

Tau Kappa Epsilon wins Michigan Tech Winter Carnival 2018 Snow Statue Competition

Don't Miss these RLC Alumni Events

In addition to all of the great RLC programs, Each week this month, we will be interviewing a local guest prior to that city’s RLC.

Phi-Alpha Frater Shares Tips For Academic Success

There is a time to relax and there is a time to buckle down. Know the difference, execute accordingly, and success will follow.

State of the Fraternity - January 2018

Chief Executive Officer, Donald E. Aldrich, releases a new semi-regular update on the State of the Fraternity.

Third-Year Aerospace Engineering Student Draws National Attention

He is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics as well as a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

THE TEKE Sitdown with Ed Pohl: From Initiate to Diplomat

"There is a type of camaraderie. Fellows who are in TKE right now will probably understand what I mean by that, more than those who are not."

TKE Library: January 2018 Book Recommendation

Antifragile: Things that gain from disorder: This is modern philosophy at its finest. Discussing how we can thrive in an uncertain world.

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